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Bonus Ball

The bonus ball is now a regular Glenrothes Cricket Club fundraiser and is run throughout the cricket season

Numbers are available £5 per calender month!

Should that number appear as that Saturday nights bonus ball, then whoever holds that number will win the £25 prize pot for that week. If no-one has that ball, then the prize will go into club funds. All profits go to the club.

The winner will receive the prize the following weekend.

The full rules are at the bottom of this page.

For a full list of numbers please Click Here

To see the latest winners Click Here

To join simply contact Greig Hopcroft and make payment via one of the following methods:

Direct Debit - Pitchero Payments - Bonus Ball

Online Shop - Club Shop

Cash Payment - please pass cash to Greig Hopcroft or any captain or member of the Management Team.


1. The game shall run for 12 months of the year
2. Only one person shall be allocated to each number and each number costs £1 per week.
3. The winning ball shall be that of the bonus ball that is drawn in the Lotto draw on the Saturday night.
4. For a ball to be eligible, the entrance fee must have been paid in full to Greig Hopcroft (or via one of the above methods) before the draw takes place.
5. If a ball is still untaken on the afternoon of the draw, any person no matter relationship with Glenrothes Cricket Club and no matter if they have any balls already, will be elligible to buy the ball for that week or multiples thereof. Money has to be paid in advance.
6. Winnings shall be £25 but if there is no winner then the full amount shall go to the club.
7. If a persons ball is drawn and money has not been paid for, then he/she will not be eligible to collect the winnings.
8. Members have priority over non-members in the picking of a ball.
9. No ball is completely taken until it is payed for.
10. Balls are on a first come first served basis. If any person picks a number that has already been chosen, they shall have to pick another number.
11. The persons (Greig Hopcroft on behalf of the GCC Mgt Team) in charge reserve the right to refuse payout if one or more of the rules above are not complied with and their word is final.
12. The persons in charge take no personal gain from this competition. Glenrothes Cricket Club takes the full balance of takings that are left after winner has been paid.

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