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YearChairpersonAdmin DirectorFinance DirectorCoaching DirectorClub Captain
2019Denise WallaceLinda PenmanGreig HopcroftTBCTBC
2018Kenny CrichtonLinda PenmanGreig HopcroftG Dodds SnrSafyaan Sharif
2017Edward GibbsLinda PenmanGreig HopcroftG Dodds SnrSafyaan Sharif
2016Kenny CrichtonLinda PenmanGreig HopcroftG Dodds SnrKenny Crichton
YearChairmanAdmin DirectorOperations DirectorClub CoachClub Captain
2015Alasdair SimCraig GouldKenny CrichtonChris GreavesRobbie Wright
2014Edward GibbsCraig GouldAlasdair SimG BeghinChris Greaves
2013Edward GibbsCraig GouldAlasdair SimSteve RowleyGreig Hopcroft
2012Edward GibbsCraig GouldAlasdair SimSteve RowleyIan Dale
2011Edward GibbsCraig GouldGreig HopcroftSteve RowleyGreig Hopcroft
Year President Secretary Treasurer Match / Sec Club Captain
2010William MorrisonAlasdair SimCammy RossBrian MorrisDarren Lewis
2009Craig GouldAlasdair SimCammy RossBrian MorrisDarren Lewis
2008Craig GouldAlasdair SimGreig HopcroftCameron RossBen Honeyman
2007Geoff SampsonCraig GouldGreig HopcroftCameron RossIan Dale
2006Geoff SampsonCraig GouldGreig HopcroftCameron RossMike Donaldson
2005Geoff SampsonCraig GouldGreig HopcroftIan GeorgesonMike Donaldson
2004Geoff SampsonCraig GouldGreig HopcroftIan GeorgesonMike Donaldson
2003Andrew GallowayCraig GouldGreig HopcroftIan GeorgesonMalcolm Neil
2002Mike DonaldsonPhilip HopcroftGeoff SampsonJohn BellMalcolm Neil
2001Mike DonaldsonPhilip HopcroftGeoff SampsonMalcolm NeilStephen Rowley
2000Mike DonaldsonPhilip HopcroftGeoff SampsonMalcolm NeilAndrew Galloway
1999Dave SnookAndrew GallowayGeoff SampsonChris YarwoodMike Donaldson
1998Dave SnookAndrew GallowayGeoff SampsonChris YarwoodMike Donaldson
1997John BellDave SnookGeoff SampsonChris YarwoodMike Donaldson
1996John BellNigel DuthieGeoff SampsonChris YarwoodMike Donaldson
1995Geoff SampsonNigel DuthieGeoff SampsonChris YarwoodDarren Bremner
1994Louis GordonNigel DuthieGeoff SampsonJohn BellDarren Bremner
1993Louis GordonRobert McAndrewGeoff SampsonJohn BellDarren Bremner
1992Louis GordonRobert McAndrewGeoff SampsonJohn BellNigel Duthie
1991Louis GordonRobert McAndrewWilliam RamsayJohn BellIan Dale
1990John BellAlisdair SimWilliam RamsayIan SimIan Dale
1989John BellGeoff SampsonWilliam RamsayIan SimGeoff Sampson
1988John BellRobert CarruthersWilliam RamsayIan SimGeoff Sampson
1987Nigel DuthieGraham PayneNigel DuthieJohn BellJohn Bell
1986Nigel DuthieGeoff SampsonNigel DuthieJohn BellIan Cadden
1985George BrownIan RussellNigel DuthieJohn BellRobert Carruthers
1984George BrownScott McCallumLaurie JohnstoneJohn BellRobert Carruthers
1983George BrownNigel DuthieLaurie JohnstoneJohn BellGeoff Sampson
1982Louis GordonScott McCallumGeorge BrownJohn BellGeoff Sampson
1981Louis GordonJohn BellNigel DuthieJohn BellGeoff Sampson
1980Louis GordonGeoff SampsonNigel DuthieJohn BellJohn Bell
1979Louis GordonAlan DuncanNigel DuthieJohn BellNigel Duthie
1978John BellAlan DuncanNigel DuthieJohn BellNigel Duthie
1977John BellAlan DuncanWilliam RamsayJohn BellWilliam Ramsay
1976John BellWillie MackieWilliam RamsayBrian EllisNigel Duthie
1975John BellRon FilsellWilliam RamsayBrian EllisKen MacKay
1974John BellKen MacKayWilliam RamsayKen MackayWilliam Ramsay
1973Aitken AdamsLouis GordonWilliam RamsayAitken AdamsWilliam Ramsay
1972Aitken AdamsJim YoungWilliam RamsayAitken AdamsLouis Gordon
1971Aitken AdamsFred PratleyWilliam RamsayAitken AdamsLouis Gordon
1970Aitken AdamsFred PratleyWilliam RamsayAitken AdamsLouis Gordon
1969Frank ShireFred PratleyJim McKenzieAitken AdamsJohn Bell
1968Frank ShireJohn BellJohn BellAitken AdamsRobert Lowrey
1967Robert BeattieJohn BellWilliam RamsayAitken AdamsJohn Bell
1966John BellJack ChalmersWilliam RamsayAitken AdamsRobert Beattie
1965Louis GordonJack ChalmersWilliam RamsayAitken AdamsJohn Bell
1964Louis GordonJohn CairnsWilliam PhilpRobert FalconerAitken Adams
1963Sam ClarkeDavid WilkieWilliam PhilpDavid WilkieRobert Falconer
1962Eric EgginsFrank MilneEric LinklaterDavid WilkieAitken Adams
1961David WilkieSam ClarkeEric LinklaterDavid WilkieAitken Adams
1960Alan PhillipsSam ClarkeEric LinklaterDavid WilkieEdward Farmer
1959Alan PhillipsSam ClarkeWalter PatersonDavid WilkieEdward Farmer
1958Dr William PatersonDavid WilkieWalter PatersonDavid WilkieJohn Franklyn-Woods
1957Dr William PatersonDavid WilkieWalter PatersonDavid WilkieJohn Franklyn-Woods

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Club History Glenrothes Cricket Club's origins lie partly in the unlikely setting of the Caribbean. The organised
Club Stats Throughout the years club statistics have been kept for both Batting and Bowling. These stats inclu

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