Gladiators Board Games Night

Gladiators Board Games Night

Friday 13 September 2019
18:00 - 20:00
By Greig Hopcroft
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We are aiming to bring together as many people from the Gladiators community as possible on Friday 13 September for a night of fun in the Hub clubhouse.

The aim would be to set up a number of games and board games on the tables and have the kids (and adults) have a go at trying different ones. This will be games like dominoes, Uno, Battleships, Jenga, Connect 4, KerPlunk etc. Could have other electronic games like Bop It or such like too. More in-depth board games like Monopoly would probably take too long, but for those despearate to play those then I'm sure we can accommodate!

We will look to provide some refreshments, but as always any donations on the night would be much appreciated.

So if you can come along then please let me know so I can guage numbers and ensure the clubhouse space can meet the demand!

? Friday 13th September

⏰ 18:00 - 20:00 (or as required)

? Gilvenbank Community Sports Hub clubhouse

? Table top board games and lots of fun

? No entrance fee, donation of refreshments appreciated

? Try to play against/with a different person each time

? No winners and losers, just try as you go

? RSVP to or join the chat within the Gladiators Discussion Group page on Facebook.

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This is a past event