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Cricket Registration Requirements

Cricket Registration Requirements

Nic Krzyzanowski29 Mar - 11:15
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Take action now to ensure you are registered to play and participate

Cricket Scotland have recently introduced the Scottish Cricket Registration System (SCRS). This gives a great opportunity to remind everyone of your and the club's role in making sure you are registered correctly and your information is up to date - so the three steps to take are...

  • YOU register on our club website
  • WE register you on SPCU ResultsVault
  • YOU register on SCRS

The key action for now is for you to register with SCRS so if you just want to bash on then go to and figure it out (note that it is free), otherwise read on.

What is the SCRS?

Cricket Scotland now requires that all players, officials and administrators across the game in Scotland to register with them via the SCRS platform. It is each individual's personal responsibility to register themselves, the club cannot do this for you.

The SCRS is primarily a data gathering tool, to help Cricket Scotland and regional associations to better understand and evidence participation numbers across the sport in Scotland to enable accurate and evidenced reporting of participation numbers and development requirements to the International Cricket Council (ICC) and sportScotland as principal funders and to also strengthen direct engagement with individuals.

What about my registration information that is held by Glenrothes Cricket Club?

Your primary registration sits with Glenrothes Cricket Club - so please make sure you are registered with the club first and foremost! You should use our club website (or app) at and ensure that your contact details are up to date and that you set your availability and confirm selection for all fixtures.

As a club, we then reuse that information to register all players taking part in senior Strathmore and Perthshire Cricket Union (SPCU) fixtures on the SPCU ResultsVault platform (also referred to as CS Live) on your behalf. Only your names are registered, no other personal nor identifiable information is recorded. This allows you to be selected in team lists for fixtures, to enable live scoring and the upload of scorecards on SPCU Live.

It is your responsibility to register for your own account on SCRS. At this stage, this will duplicate the registration information we hold about you and we can only apologise for this additional administrative burden.

How do I register on SCRS?

You can access the SCRS portal at and from there you can register as a New Member, add your personal details then add GCC as your Club. You can then choose to opt-in to any marketing preferences as preferred.

Once registration is completed you will then be shown your own member dashboard. From here you can update your Profile and assign any Membership Category to reflect the role (or roles) you hold at our club. This will principally be “Player” for most people or as a "Club Official". You will confirm this through a "proceed to basket" type approach but remember it is free!

How might the SCRS be used in the future?

In time it could be that, like other sports in Scotland, people will not be allowed to play any form of competitive cricket without having registered with them as the National Governing Body. For now registration is free to everyone, though could become chargeable in the future but further consultation will take place on that before anything changes.

As a club, we would hope that further improvements can be made to enable a single registration system to be developed which meets the needs of every stakeholder group - the club, regional associations (SPCU in our case) and Cricket Scotland as the national governing body. As things stand however, we will have a duplication of content across different systems for each body.

Where can I find more information?

We have a guidance document available with key information but you can also check out the Cricket Scotland SCRS information page.

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