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1. Hall of Fame

The Glenrothes Cricket Club "Hall of Fame" was introduced in 2011 in order to to honour those individuals that have made outstanding contributions to the club by going above and beyond what most mere mortals are capable.

It's a prestigious acknowledgement only awarded to those people that are synonymously linked to the mere mention of Glenrothes Cricket Club by those out with the club.

Current inductees:

John Bell (2011)

Greig Hopcroft (2011)

William Ramsay (2012)

Michael Donaldson (2012)

Maureen Ramsay (2012)

Geoffrey Sampson (2013)

Edward Gibbs (2013)

Ian Cadden (2014)

Cameron Ross (2014)

Ian Dale (2014)

Craig Gould (2015)

Darren Bremner (2015)

Christopher Yarwood (2015)